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The SV 700 racing wheel has been designed to provide an ultra-realistic driving experience. Easy to use, it will delight beginners and experienced players of racing simulation games. Looking for an enhanced racing experience? The SV 700 will be your partner in achieving pole position.


The SV 700 racing wheel offers a 270° steering angle for precise driving in simulation or arcade games. It is fully programmable and has 3 levels of sensitivity that can be adjusted directly from the steering wheel. Super convenient, the SV 700 racing wheel is equipped with suction cups and a clamp to attach to a desk or any flat surface. With its 28 cm wheel, it has everything of a great for with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.


Designed for performance, the SV 700 offers unparalleled playing comfort. Its bi-material treatment, its ergonomic shape, its 12 o'clock marking on the steering wheel and its flat top give it a resolutely sporty, high-end look. It has two paddle shifters on the steering wheel and comes with a 2-pedal pedal set, acceleration and brake, equipped with a non-slip footrest system.


Compatible with PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC. (This wheel is not PS5 compatible). Fully programmable, (keys, pedals, paddles...), it is compatible with most racing games (Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon, F1, Assetto Corsa, Dirt, WRC, Project Cars, Need for Speed, Grid, V Rally, Gear Club, ...).


Technische Daten

Drehwinkel 270 Grad
Durchmesser des Rades 28 cm
Finish Grip Ja
Paletten zum Schalten von Gängen Ja
Schalthebel -
Inkl. Tretlager Ja
Anzahl der Pedale 2: Beschleunigung + Bremse
Art des Fußpflegers Mittleres Modell
Vibration Ja
Kompatibel mit Kopfhörer Audio Ja
Befestigung Saugnäpfe und Schrauben zum Spannen
Kompatibilität Cockpit Ja
Garantie 2 Jahre
REFERENCE SA5595-R EAN13 3701221702625


Bedienungsanleitung VS 750

Bedienungsanleitung für das Lenkrad



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Refurbished Lenkrad SV700

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Inklusive 0,42 € für Ökosteuer

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Volant au design sportif et racé qui procure des sensations de pilotage décuplées et ultraréalistes.

Caractéristiques clés:
• Angle de rotation : 270 degrés
• Diamètre du volant : 28 cm
• Palettes au volant et pédalier
• Double moteur à vibration - 3 niveaux de sensibilité
• Finition bi-matière avec grip et poignée de volant