Optimize your gaming experience with our 3-meter USB C cable, specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding players. This versatile cable offers a convenient solution for playing and charging your PS5 Dual Sense controllers simultaneously. No need to worry about your controller's battery life during long gaming sessions anymore; this cable allows you to play comfortably at an optimal distance from your TV while keeping your controller charged.

Picture yourself comfortably seated on your couch, immersed in your favorite game, without being hindered by a short cable. With its 3-meter length, our USB C cable provides you with maximum freedom of movement, allowing you to play in the comfort of your living room without constraints. Say goodbye to tangled cables and game interruptions due to a drained battery; our cable ensures a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience.

But that's not all! Our USB C cable is also compatible with other popular gaming controllers, including the Nintendo Switch Pro controller and the Xbox Series X controller. You can use this versatile cable with multiple gaming consoles, making it an ideal choice for multi-platform gamers.

Don't let the constraints of short cables hinder your gaming pleasure. Choose our 3-meter USB C cable and discover a new way of gaming, where comfort and convenience are paramount. Order now and enjoy a gaming experience without compromise, wherever you are. With our cable, the joy of gaming has never been more accessible.


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ps5 switch xbox serie x

USB C charging cable

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3 meter charging cable for PS5®, Xbox serie X/S® and switch® controllers.

Key features:

• USB-C cable that connects directly to one of the console's USB ports.
• Allows you to recharge your Playstaion 5, Xbox serie X/S® and switch® controller directly from the console.
• Length 3 meters.