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Gaming chair | Steering Wheel PS4, Switch, Xbox and PC | Gaming table | Official Licensed Merchandise

Gaming | Music | Pop culture

Gaming Chair | Steering Wheel PS4, Switch, Xbox and PC | Gaming Desk | Official Licensed Merchandise

Gaming | Music | Pop culture

Design and lifestyle gaming chair

Lifestyle gaming chair | Subsonic

Premium gaming armchair | iconic by Subsonic

Racing simulation steering wheels and cockpits | Superdrive

Collection of racing wheels for gamers seeking performance at the right price. Racing wheels for PS4, Switch, Xbox and PC.

Chargers | Joysticks | XXXXL Mouse pads


Discover the exciting world of Subsonic, a French company specializing in high-quality gaming chairs at affordable prices. We're proud to offer you a wide range of officially licensed pop culture, gaming and music merchandise.

Discover our Harry Potter products, DC Comics gift ideas, Dragon Ball goodies, official Iron Maiden products, Assassin's Creed accessories and much more! Perfect for fans looking for an original gift idea under an official license.

Why are Subsonic gaming seats the best value for money?  We attach great importance to the manufacturing quality of our products: resistant materials, easy to maintain and attractive to the touch and eye. The customization of our gaming chairs is made with genuine embroidery, ensuring maximum longevity.  But the real tour de force lies in the constant quest to reduce manufacturing and transport costs, enabling Subsonic to offer gaming chairs with excellent value for money. Now you can buy a gaming chair for less.

At Subsonic, we believe that comfort and quality shouldn't be unattainable luxuries. That's why we strive to bring you quality gaming chairs, carefully designed and rigorously tested to ensure an unrivalled gaming experience. Enjoy exceptional ergonomic comfort and rock-solid durability for hours of intense gaming.

We believe that style is just as important as comfort. Our gaming chairs feature a modern, elegant design, combined with the iconic elements of the franchises to which they are dedicated. You'll be seduced by our meticulous finishes with genuine embroidery, bright colors and subtle details that will make your gaming chair a true collector's item.

But our commitment to design doesn't stop there. We also place paramount importance on the ergonomics of our chairs to deliver an optimal gaming experience. Each gaming chair is equipped with advanced ergonomic features such as lumbar support, adjustable armrests and high-density foam padding.

We believe that the perfect blend of design and ergonomics creates the ultimate gaming experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your gaming world while preserving your comfort and health.

Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite licenses with our collection of officially licensed merchandise. Whether you're a fan of Harry Potter, Batman, Dragon Ball, Iron Maiden, Lord of the Rings or Assassin's Creed, we have the gaming chair that will reflect your passion and add a unique touch to your gaming space. Immerse yourself in the heart of the action and let the authenticity of our products transport you to the world of gamers, pop culture, manga and music fans! At Subsonic, you'll find the very best in officially licensed merchandise for an authentic product that combines quality and unbeatable value.

Discover our Officially Licensed Creations

At Subsonic, we're proud to create unique and exciting officially licensed products for some of the world's most iconic franchises, such as Harry Potter, Batman, Iron Maiden, and Lord of the Rings. We understand how precious these universes are to fans, which is why we pay meticulous attention to every detail of our creations.

La Qualité au Cœur de Notre Travail

La qualité est notre priorité absolue. Chacun de nos produits est soigneusement conçu et fabriqué pour garantir une expérience exceptionnelle à nos clients. De la conception à la production, nous utilisons les meilleurs matériaux et les techniques les plus avancées pour nous assurer que nos produits répondent aux normes les plus élevées.

Respect for licenses

We understand the importance of respecting official licenses. As fans ourselves, we know how essential it is that our creations faithfully reflect the universe to which they are dedicated. That's why we work closely with licensees to ensure that our products capture the essence and authenticity of the worlds we love.

For Fans, By Fans

At Subsonic, we're die-hard fans. Every product we create is imbued with our love for these iconic franchises. Our goal is for every fan to recognize themselves in our products and cherish them as we do.

Explore our collection of officially licensed products today and discover the passion and dedication we put into every one of our creations. Join us in the colorful world of Subsonic and live your passion like never before.

At Subsonic, we're a community of passionate gamers, just like you. We understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between comfort, style and quality. That's why we strive to create gaming chairs that meet the expectations of demanding gamers. Join our community and discover why thousands of gamers trust Subsonic for their gaming setup.

Explore our catalog and find the gaming chair that suits your style, your passion and your budget. Also discover our collection of gaming desks and gaming desk accessories to create a magnificent minimal desk setup. We do our utmost to offer you an exceptional gaming experience, absolute comfort and unbeatable value. In short, we offer you the best gaming chair at the best value for money.

Superdrive steering wheels are designed for gamers looking for performance at a reasonable price. The extensive compatibility of these products means you can enjoy your games on most platforms: PS3 wheels, PS4 wheels, Xbox wheels, Switch wheels, or PC wheels.

How to choose your Superdrive racing simulation steering wheel?

Superdrive offers two types of gaming wheels to meet the varied needs of gamers:

STANDARD DRIVES: this range of gaming wheels offers the best value for money on the market. These wheels combine performance and affordability, offering a realistic driving experience without sacrificing your wallet.

GEARSHIFT WHEEL: for those seeking even greater immersion, Superdrive offers gamer wheels with integrated gear levers. Immerse yourself in the action with more authentic driving sensations and enhanced responsiveness.


The Superdrive range of standard steering wheels, stretching from the SV250 to the SV950, embodies the perfect blend of sporty design, cutting-edge performance and unrivalled versatility. Designed to deliver an immersive racing experience, these wheels are compatible with all major gaming platforms, including PS4, Xbox Serie X/S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch (with the exception of Playstation 5). 

Let's take the SV650, a flagship model in the range, as an example of the exceptional features of these steering wheels:

Steering Wheel and Pedalboard Combo: The SV650 offers a complete package with racing wheel and pedalboard, providing a realistic driving feel right from the start.

3m cable: With a generous 3-meter cable, the SV650 offers installation flexibility, allowing players to position their gaming setup according to their preferences.

Rotation: 270°: The 270-degree rotation of the steering wheel guarantees exceptional precision, providing an immersive, realistic driving experience.

Dual Vibration Motors: The SV650 racing wheel features dual vibration motors for immersive haptic feedback, faithfully reproducing the sensations of the road or track.

Sensitivity Adjustment: With the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the steering wheel, players can tailor their driving experience to their individual preferences.

Button programming function: The racing wheel buttons are fully programmable, offering total customization to meet the specific needs of each player.

Steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters: Steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters add an extra dimension to the driving experience, offering enhanced responsiveness.

Compatible with gaming headsets: The SV650 gaming wheel is compatible with gaming headsets, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in their gaming experience.

Suction-cup or clamp mounting: The flexibility of suction-cup or clamp mounting ensures optimum stability for different gaming environments.

Controller connection required on PS4, Xbox Serie X/S and Xbox One: On these platforms, the SV650 requires a controller to be plugged into the steering wheel (cable included), ensuring maximum compatibility with games and consoles.

Here are just a few of the games on which these steering wheels can deliver an immersive gaming experience:

Gran Turismo Sport (PS4): With its graphical realism and simulation-focused approach, Gran Turismo Sport offers an exceptional racing experience that is perfectly complemented by the advanced features of SuperDrive steering wheels.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch): Although the game is often played with classic controllers, the use of a SuperDrive steering wheel can bring a new dimension to the pleasure of driving in the colorful world of Mario Kart. Players can enjoy a more realistic driving experience while skidding around circuits and using special objects.

F1 2022 (Multiplatform): For Formula 1 fans, SuperDrive steering wheels offer a realistic driving experience on world-renowned circuits. Cross-platform compatibility ensures a consistent gaming experience, whether you're playing on PS4, Xbox, PC or Nintendo Switch.

SuperDrive standard steering wheels, offer an unrivalled racing experience thanks to their meticulous design, advanced features and extensive compatibility. Immerse yourself in the world of racing with these quality wheels that transcend gamers' expectations.


The Superdrive range of gearshift steering wheels, from the GS550 to the GS950-X, represents the pinnacle of the virtual racing experience. These top-of-the-range steering wheels offer total immersion thanks to their combination of steering wheel, manual shifter and 3-pedal pedals, integrating all the elements required for a realistic driving experience. Aimed at PlayStation 4, Xbox Serie X/S and Xbox One gamers, these steering wheels focus on quality, precision and comfort.

Let's take the GS950-X as an example: voted the best-priced steering wheel + pedal assembly by, the GS950-X is the flagship product in this range:

Combo Steering Wheel, 3-Pedal Pedalboard and Manual Gearshift: The Superdrive GS950-X steering wheel offers a complete solution with a racing steering wheel, a pedalboard including accelerator, brake and clutch pedals, and a manual gearshift. This configuration offers an authentic and complete driving experience.

Dual Vibration Motor (Compatible with Sequential Mode): Dual engine vibrations add a realistic dimension to the gaming experience, enhancing the feel of the road. Note that this feature is compatible with sequential mode only, and does not operate when the gearshift is connected.

Repositionable Manual Shifter: Flexibility takes center stage with the ability to reposition the manual shifter to the left or right, allowing players to customize their setup to suit their preferences.

Sensitivity Adjustment: Steering wheel sensitivity is fully adjustable, offering players precise control to adapt to different racing situations.

Button programming : The racing wheel and shifter buttons are fully programmable, allowing users to customize their configuration for optimum compatibility with all racing games.

Paddle shifters: In addition to the manual gearshift, paddle shifters on the steering wheel offer a fast, responsive alternative for gear changes.

Strong suction cups or clamping screws: The steering wheel's attachment is flexible, offering optimum stability with a choice of strong suction cups or clamping screws, ensuring a stable and secure riding experience.

Compatible with gaming headsets: The GS950-X racing wheel is compatible with gaming headsets, guaranteeing total immersion in the world of gaming.

Compatible with all racing games: Whether you're a fan of Gran Turismo 7 on PS4, Forza on Xbox, or Need for Speed, these racing wheels are compatible with a wide range of racing games, offering an exceptional driving experience whatever the title.

Superdrive shifter racing wheels offer a realistic, complete and high-end driving experience on all major gaming platforms. These steering wheels are designed to meet the expectations of car simulation enthusiasts and enhance the gaming experience on a variety of popular titles.

The world of gaming is rapidly evolving, and to fully enjoy the gaming experience, it's essential to equip yourself with the best gaming accessories. At Subsonic, we offer a range of gaming accessories compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Switch gaming consoles and PCs. Discover our selection including Switch chargers, PS5 chargers, PS4 and PC controllers, Xbox batteries, gaming headsets, as well as products to protect your Switch console. 

1. PS5 and Switch chargers, batteries and power cables: fuel your passion!

Chargers are essential accessories for gamers. Our chargers are designed to meet the specific needs of each console. Whether you're a PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or PC fan, our chargers guarantee fast, efficient recharging, so you can stay immersed in the game without interruption.

2. Video game controllers: precision at your fingertips!

Game controllers are the extension of your virtual skills. Choose from our selection of ergonomic joysticks, offering a comfortable grip and precise controls. Whether you're a PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, or PC gamer, we have the perfect controller to enhance your gaming performance. Subsonic offers a complete assortment for perfect control of your video games: PS4 controller, switch controller, ... so that the pleasure of playing is always greater.

3. Gaming Audio Headsets: Dive into the Heart of the Action

Audio is crucial to an immersive gaming experience. Our gaming headsets feature advanced technologies for crystal-clear sound and optimum comfort. Explore our range to find the headset that suits your gaming style, and enjoy exceptional audio quality with outstanding value for money. Find a gaming headset for under €25, it's possible!

4. Protection products: keep your equipment safe

Investing in the protection of your gaming equipment is essential. Discover our screen protectors specially designed for each console, as well as our robust hard cases to keep your controllers and accessories safe on the move.

Our selection of gaming accessories is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding gamers. Browse our site to discover our full range and enhance your gaming experience today!

5. Accessories to customize your setup for the ultimate minimal desk setup.

Discover our selection of XXXXL mouse pads, gaming mice, gamer mats and officially licensed mouse pads. Create a minimal desk setup in a snap, or decorate your room in the colors of your favorite heroes. With our XXXXL mouse pad collection, customize your desk in the colors of your favorite hero or cult series.


Opt for peace of mind by choosing our top-quality gaming products, all available from stock and ready for shipment within 48 hours from our warehouse in France for Europe and England for the UK. You can also find them in our partner outlets such as Fnac, Carrefour, Auchan and many others. Our commitment to your satisfaction is reinforced by our extensive network of trusted distributors.


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