a tidy & stylish setup

Tired of tangled wires and controllers lying all over the place? Looking for something stylish and practical to keep your controller and headset organized?

Look no further than the Subsonic charger & stand!

The ultimate accessory for PS5 gamers looking to free up space on their gaming surface, or for whom space is already limited. Designed to match the sleek, futuristic look of your PS5 console, the stand attaches securely to the side of your console, without blocking ports or buttons. Simply connect your included charging cable directly to your console, and an LED indicator shows the charging status of your controller. The charger & stand also features a retractable hook that lets you hang your headset under the charging base. This way, you can keep your gaming space neat and tidy, and always have your headset to hand. The charger & stand is compatible with DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers and all gaming headsets.

for all players

Store your accessories wherever you like!

Whether you're a PlayStation 5 team or a PC gamer, the charger & stand is the ideal accessory to optimize your gaming experience. With its versatile design, you can easily clip this base onto the top of your PS5 for convenient access, or mount it on the wall next to your screen with the included mounting kit, ensuring your controller is always ready for use. No need to worry about dead batteries in the middle of an intense game! This practical solution is aimed at all video game enthusiasts, offering a simple and effective way of keeping your controller charged.


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PS5 charger and gaming headset stand

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A practical, stylish and original solution for charging and storing your controller and gaming headset! No more problems with empty batteries or accessories lying around!

Key features:

• Charging station for PS5 controller 
• Charge indicator light
• Fold-out headphone holder
• Compatible with PS5 and PS5 slim
• Charging cable included