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Subsonic proudly presents an iconic collection of official licensed products from "Detective Comics," derived from the universe of American comics. Discover our meticulous selection of gaming chairs, floor mats, and mouse pads, specially designed to delight gamers and Superman fans alike. These essential items are a must-have for gamers seeking high-performance products with a polished look for a super interior decoration. Immerse yourself in the authenticity of these official products and bring a legendary touch to your gaming universe!

Discover the epic journey of Superman, the legendary icon of DC Comics. Follow the fascinating story of Kal-El, the last survivor of the planet Krypton, sent to Earth to escape the destruction of his world. Adopted by the Kents, he becomes Clark Kent, an ordinary man with extraordinary powers.

Donning the famous blue, red, and yellow costume, Superman soars above Metropolis and the world, ready to defend humanity against the forces of evil. As a journalist at the Daily Planet, he skillfully conceals his secret identity to protect his loved ones.

In an unwavering battle against his arch-nemesis, Lex Luthor, Superman embodies the ideals of truth and justice. His exploits transcend time, inspiring generations with his unique blend of power and altruism.

Gaming floor mat Superman

Gaming mat designed to spice up the gaming experience and offer a total Superman look.

Key features:

• Printed matting, water-repellent finish
• loor protection
• Non-slip base
• Suitable for all floor types
• Neat finish, sewn edges

Price €39.99
Gaming floor mat Superman | Subsonic
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Gaming seat Junior Rock'n seat

The ultimate rocking chair created especially for budding gamers looking for an ultra-comfortable seat in Superman colors.


• Easy-care leatherette cover
• High quality finish with embroidery and stitching
• Thick, high density foam
• Ergonomic and comfortable seat
• Compact and foldable for easy storage

Price €99.99
Gaming seat Junior Rock'n seat | Subsonic
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XXL Mouse Pad DC Comics - Superman

Oversized mouse pad designed to elevate the decor and offer a total Superman look.

Key features:

• High quality printed and water-repellent matting.
• Non-slip rubber base for maximum grip.
• Protects the desk and offers freedom of movement.
• Size 90 cms x 40 cms.
• Neatly finished with stitched edges.

Price €16.99
XXL Mouse Pad DC Comics - Superman | Subsonic
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