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"Born in the USA"

"Detective Comics" boasts an iconic collection of heroes from the American comic universe. Subsonic has carefully selected the best with a range of official products to delight gamers and Flash fans. A must-have for gamers seeking high-performing products with a polished look for interior decor immersed in the world of Flash.

"Detective Comics, founded in the United States, embodies an essential part of American popular culture through its iconic collection of superheroes from the world of comic books. Among these heroes, Flash stands out for his breathtaking speed and undeniable charisma. Subsonic, aware of the passion fans and gamers have for this captivating universe, has meticulously selected the best from the arsenal of official products dedicated to Flash.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Flash thanks to a varied, high-quality range of products, specially designed to satisfy even the most demanding expectations. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast looking for optimum performance, or a passionate collector, Subsonic products will meet your needs.

Let yourself be seduced by our range of carefully designed, impeccably finished products. Not only will they enhance your living or play space, but they'll also be essential collector's items for any fan of the DC Comics universe.

By investing in Subsonic products dedicated to Flash, you'll be affirming your passion for this legendary universe, while enjoying top-quality items. Join the community of fans and gamers who have chosen excellence in derivative products, and immerse yourself in the thrilling Flash adventure today.

In short, whether you're looking to enhance your play space or add a touch of class to your home, we've got it covered. 

XXL Mouse Pad DC Comics - Flash

Oversized desk mat designed to enhance your home decoration and provide a total flash immersive experience.

Key features:

• High quality printed and water-repellent matting.
• Non-slip rubber base for maximum grip.
• Protects the desk and offers freedom of movement.
• Size 90 cms x 40 cms.
• Neatly finished with stitched edges.

Price €19.99
XXL Mouse Pad DC Comics - Flash | Subsonic
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