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Subsonic presents the official House of the Dragon licence. A unique collector's collection for fans of the official House of The Dragon licence. We offer the ultimate seat under the Iconic brand with a seat that will immerse you in the world of power and mystery.

"House of the Dragon", the epic HBO series based on the rich and complex world of "Game of Thrones", promises to captivate viewers around the world with its thrilling storylines, charismatic characters and sumptuous settings. As devoted fans of this fantastic universe, Subsonic is proud to present an exclusive collection of official products that will immerse fans in the fascinating world of "House of the Dragon".

Immerse yourself in the tumultuous history of the great families of Westeros with a diverse range of merchandise carefully selected to provide an unparalleled immersive experience. Whether you're an avid collector looking for rare items or a fan wanting to show your allegiance to your favourite house, Subsonic's products will meet all your expectations.

Whether you want to relive the epic battles of the series or decorate your home with unique pieces inspired by the world of George R.R. Martin, Subsonic products are the perfect choice. Let yourself be transported to a fantasy world where alliances are forged and broken, where power is constantly at stake, and where no character is immune to the turn of events.

By investing in Subsonic products dedicated to "House of the Dragon", you are affirming your passion for this legendary saga and joining a community of dedicated fans ready to defend their house with courage and determination. Join us on this extraordinary adventure and live every moment to the full alongside your favourite "House of the Dragon" characters.

In short, whether you're a fan of the political intrigues of Westeros or a fantasy enthusiast looking for an immersive experience, Subsonic's "House of the Dragon" products are a must. Treat yourself to the best of George R.R. Martin's universe and immerse yourself in an epic adventure of passion, betrayal and boundless ambition.

Gaming chair Apollon collector House of the Dragon

Experience the epic storylines and battles of Westeros in style and comfort with this special edition. Whether you’re a fan of the Targaryen or the great Houses of Westeros, immerse yourself in a world of power and mystery.

Key features:

• Wide, comfortable seat
• Easy-to-clean
• 4D armrests
• Adjustable lumbar support

Price €499.99
Gaming chair Apollon collector House of the Dragon | Iconic by Subsonic
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