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The world of Middle-earth created by J.R.R. Tolkien continues to capture the imagination of fans worldwide. For lovers of the Lord of the Rings epic, Subsonic, has acquired a beloved license that promises to bring Tolkien's fantastical world right into your home. In this article, we present the latest Subsonic products inspired by The Lord of the Rings, as well as exciting news for all fans.

The Lord of the Rings universe at home

Subsonic's Lord of the Rings-inspired products are a faithful tribute to the legendary universe created by J.R.R. Tolkien. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to Middle-earth, these products will help you live the adventure every step of the way. Immerse yourself in the world of The Lord of the Rings with Subsonic. Let your journey begin today, in the comfort of your own Middle-earth.

Adult Gamer Seat - Throne of Heroes of Middle-earth

Subsonic has deployed all its expertise to create an adult gamer seat that captures the spirit of The Lord of the Rings. Inspired by the saga's elven motifs, elven script and emblematic symbols, this gamer seat transports you straight to Middle-earth. You'll be immersed in supreme comfort thanks to its ergonomic design. Whether you're defending Middle-earth while playing your favorite games or watching the movies, this seat is more than just a piece of furniture. It's an experience.

The story of Laurelin le Doré

Laurelin was one of the Two Trees of Valinor, one of the most emblematic and majestic creations of Tolkien's mythology. These divine trees were located on the continent of Valinor, home to the Valar, the higher divine powers. Laurelin was the Golden Tree, while its counterpart, Telperion, was the Silver Tree. Both trees were the sources of light in the world before the creation of the Sun and Moon.

Laurelin was particularly remarkable for its golden leaves, which shone brightly and emitted a radiant light during the day. These trees were created by Yavanna, one of the Valar, and their light was captured in Fëanor's precious Silmarils, creating objects of great importance in the plot of The Silmarillion.

The story of the Two Trees and the Silmarils is interwoven with many of the major events and conflicts in The Silmarillion. They symbolize purity, beauty and light within the mythology of Middle-earth. Even if the Two Trees are not directly mentioned in The Lord of the Rings, they remain a fundamental element of the extended universe created by Tolkien, offering additional depth to his work.

Thus, Laurelin, the Golden Tree, remains a symbol of light and splendor in the mythology of Middle-earth. Although its story is not told in The Lord of the Rings, it is an integral part of the rich web of legends that form this captivating universe, underlining the importance of nature, beauty and creation in Tolkien's work.

XXL Desk mat - Middle-earth stretched out before your eyes

To accompany the gamer chair, Subsonic also offers an XXL desk mat inspired by The Lord of the Rings. This mat is a detailed map of Middle-earth, featuring the most emblematic regions of this fantasy world, as well as its characters. You can catch a glimpse of Frodo, Gandalf and much more, while enjoying a smooth surface and non-slip base for an unrivalled gaming or working experience.

The adventure of Frodo Baggins

The story begins peacefully in the Shire, where Frodo, a carefree hobbit, inherits the One Ring from his uncle Bilbo Baggins. This small ring is actually the most powerful weapon of the Dark Lord, Sauron, and holds immeasurable evil power. Frodo, guided by the wizard Gandalf, embarks on a dangerous quest to destroy the Ring in Mount Doom, where it was forged.

Frodo and his friends' journey takes them through the vast and varied lands of Middle-earth, from the dark mines of Moria to the mysterious forests of Lothlórien, via the plains of Rohan and the mountains of Mordor Land, Sauron's domain. They face countless challenges, from evil creatures to inner betrayals, but their determination and camaraderie keep them going.

Frodo and Sam, in particular, have an unshakeable bond of friendship and loyalty throughout their journey. Sam is Frodo's pillar, supporting and protecting him, while Frodo is driven by the purity of his purpose. Their relationship is a poignant example of the importance of friendship and mutual support in times of great adversity.

Frodo's adventure in The Lord of the Rings is a tale of self-sacrifice, courage and determination, and has become a classic work of literature that endures through the ages. This story reminds us that, even in the deepest darkness, friendship, loyalty and the will to do good can triumph, offering a message of hope that resonates eternally in readers' hearts.

News: Return to moria - A New Epic Adventure

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is a single-player, cooperative online survival crafting game set in the fourth age of Middle-earth. According to the literature, the story takes place just after the events of the War of the Ring, which includes the eras of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, respectively. Once Arnor and Gondor have been restored and returned to their rightful heirs, the compass will finally head for Moria, an underground mining network that, prior to the events of The Fellowship of the Ring, belonged to the dwarves.

From what has been said so far, players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lives of tenacious dwarves, as they return to their homeland of Moria and seek to reclaim it from the evil clutches of the orcs. As a dwarf, you'll not only have to rebuild the three peaks of Moria, but also fend off the shadows that threaten to reduce your progress to ashes and rubble.


The fourth age of Middle-earth has begun. Lord Gimli Lockbearer, the axe-wielding hero, has raised a banner to unite the dwarves in a final quest: to return to Moria and reclaim the peaks of Khazad-dûm from the dreaded orcs lurking there.

"In the procedurally generated dwarven realm of Moria, adventures come and go, and each expedition can be conducted solo or online with companions," adds the description. "Players can mine to craft better equipment and resources, but beware, mining makes noise, and the noise created in the quiet depths threatens to awaken the dangers underground: where there's noise, there's battle. Explore the mysteries of three legendary mountains, mine precious metals, scrape for survival and battle unspeakable forces to discover the secret of the Shadow that lurks within.

Return to Moria gives you the opportunity to create your own character and delve into some of Middle-earth's most iconic locations, alone or with a team of eight other dwarves at your side. As a unit, you'll be tasked with seeking out the vast treasures that lie within, and rebuilding your homeland from the rubble. How you achieve this will, of course, depend entirely on the actions you take and the sacrifices you're prepared to make.


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