An Exceptional Christmas with Subsonic

Christmas is fast approaching, and at Subsonic we're delighted to share the magic of the season with you. This season, delight your loved ones with gifts that reflect their passion and style. Discover our exclusive Christmas Gift Guide to find unique ideas that will make this festive season an unforgettable experience.


Gift ideas for big fans

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift becomes a real mission. At Subsonic, we'll guide you through this adventure with gift ideas that celebrate the passions of your loved ones. Because every gift should be an expression of love, let's dive into our special selection for enthusiasts.

For Cinephiles: Live Cinema at Home 🎬

Cinephiles are enthusiasts who live and breathe every moment of a film. At Subsonic, we live this passion too, and that's why we've created officially licensed chairs to deliver an authentic cinematic experience, right in the comfort of home.

Movies gaming chairs | Subsonic

Our chairs, inspired by Harry Potter, DC Comics, Lord of the Rings and Dragon Ball, aren't just seats. They're designed to make every session special. Imagine yourself comfortably seated in a Harry Potter chair, feeling the magic of the wizarding world seep into your living room. DC Comics fans can immerse themselves in the world of superheroes with our chairs that capture the spirit and energy of this captivating universe. Every sitting becomes an adventure alongside your favorite heroes. Fans of The Lord of the Rings can relive the epic tale of Frodo and the One Ring with our chairs inspired by this fantastic universe. Let yourself be transported to Middle-earth at every session. And for Dragon Ball fans, our chairs capture the intensity and excitement of this legendary saga. Every moment becomes an adventure alongside Goku and his friends. Each Subsonic chair offers the comfort you need for memorable cinematic sessions. By offering these seats to your movie-loving friends and family, you're giving them more than just a piece of furniture - you're giving them a space where their passion comes to life. Make every movie an authentic experience with Subsonic. 🎥🍿

For Gamers: Turn Gaming into Epic 🎮

Every gamer dreams of a gaming space as beautiful as their favorite video game. At Subsonic, we want the same, which is why we've created officially licensed Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty chairs to transform every office into a magical playground.

Video games gaming chairs | Subsonic

Imagine yourself immersed in the captivating world of Assassin's Creed, where history and action unfold all around you. Our officially licensed chairs transport you straight into the world of assassins, where every game becomes an epic to be lived to the full. For Call of Duty fans, our chairs capture the intensity and excitement of this iconic shooter. Every gaming session becomes a real mission, combining the comfort of our chairs with the adrenalin of virtual battles. Our chairs are gifts designed to transform gamers' desks, combining comfort and style to create an exceptional gaming environment. Treat your gaming friends and family to an experience that transports them straight into the world of their favorite titles. With Subsonic, make every game a memorable epic, where comfort and style meet to create an exceptional gaming atmosphere. Give more than just a gift, give a passion. 🎮🕹️✨

For Headbangers: Awaken the Music in Them 🎸

Music lovers have a unique relationship with the rhythm and powerful melodies that resonate in their hearts. At Subsonic, we feel that vibe, and that's why we've created chairs in the colors of Iron Maiden to reawaken the musical flame in enthusiasts.

Music gaming chairs | Subsonic

Our chairs are a declaration of love to music, adding an inspiring ambience to any workspace. Just imagine your music-loving loved ones immersed in their daily tasks, accompanied by the iconic melodies of Iron Maiden. By giving these chairs, you're giving your loved ones a gift that resonates with their passion. Our chairs are designed to fit naturally into their professional or personal space, adding a touch of style without compromising the comfort needed for long periods of sitting. Make every day a celebration of your loved ones' musical passion by giving a gift that speaks directly to their love of the famous band Iron Maiden. With Subsonic, transform their space into an inspiring place where music harmoniously permeates. 🎸💼

Gift Ideas at Mini Prices: to please without breaking the bank 💰

XXL desk mat | Subsonic

Gaming furnitures accessories

For those who spend hours playing or working at their desk, our accessories combine practicality and aesthetics. Useful gifts that add a touch of style to any space.

Hexalight controller | Subsonic

Consoles accessories

Our console accessories can make all the difference to your gaming experience. Give your fellow gamers equipment that will maximize their enjoyment at affordable prices.