VALENTINE'S DAY 2024 | Subsonic

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to express your love for your partner. This year, rather than choosing a traditional gift, why not opt for something a little different? If your other half is a video game enthusiast, then you've come to the right place! We've put together a selection of gaming accessories and merchandise that'll get his or her gaming heart beating. Discover our gift ideas to surprise your lover with an original and memorable present!

Surprise your other half with an original gift this year!

Why not think outside the box this Valentine's Day? Giving your partner a gift that matches his/her passion for video games is a great way to show how well you know him/her, and to create memorable memories together. Discover our selection of products that will melt your lover's heart.

Gaming Accessories: play as a duo for Valentine's Day

If your partner is an inveterate gamer, why not give him or her some gaming accessories that will make his or her gaming sessions even more exciting? Here are a few gift ideas that will get his or her gamer's heart beating.

Pack of 2 steering wheels for Switch: Steering Together Towards Happiness

Why not add a touch of fun competition to your Valentine's Day by racing to happiness together with the Pack of 2 steering wheels for Switch? These Nintendo Switch steering wheels are perfect for couples' Mario Kart games. Compatible with both left and right Joy-Cons, these steering wheels offer an immersive, fun-filled gaming experience. A fun way to share a moment of complicity with your partner while challenging each other on the Mario Kart circuits!

Joy-Cons comfort grip: opt for comfort for your next wild party!

For even more enjoyable gaming, opt for Joy-Con Comfort Grips. These ergonomic grips considerably improve the grip of the Joy-Cons, transforming the controllers into veritable extensions of your hands. Perfect for intense gaming sessions and multiplayer Mario Kart games! Give your partner the ultimate in comfort for unforgettable gaming moments together.

Arcade Stick: challenge yourself on Valentine's Day

If your partner is a fan of fighting games, there's nothing like an Arcade Stick to take you on with passion. Compatible with a multitude of platforms (PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series), this accessory offers a precise and immersive gaming experience. Give her the ultimate weapon for epic battles and moments of complicity for two. With the Arcade Stick, you can set yourself friendly challenges and enjoy exciting adventures together.

Derivatives for Flaming Hearts

If your partner is a pop-culture fan, why not treat him or her to products derived from their favorite licenses? Here are a few gift ideas that will make his or her passionate heart beat faster.


Batman and Wonder Woman | Subsonic

Get ready to create your "gaming setup couple" with our selection of merchandise inspired by the most popular franchises. Whether you're a fan of Batman or Wonder Woman, we've got the perfect gift for you and your partner!

Batman gaming chair: the gift for him

Treat your partner to a gamer desk chair featuring Batman and invite him or her to sit back and enjoy hours of exciting gaming. With its elegant design and high-quality faux-leather upholstery, this chair offers the comfort needed for extended gaming sessions. Featuring an ergonomic, ultra-comfortable seat, it's ideal for long games in front of the computer or console. A stylish way to show your partner how much you love him/her and how much you share his/her passions.

Batman gaming chair: the gift for her

For your female partner, opt for a Wonder Woman gaming chair. With its elegant design and meticulous finish, this gaming chair offers the comfort needed for hours of gaming or working in front of the computer or console. With its ergonomic, ultra-comfortable seat, it's ideal for superhero fans. Give her the perfect gift for an unforgettable Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is a special occasion to celebrate the love and complicity between you and your partner. By giving gifts that reflect your partner's passion for video games and pop-culture, you show how well you know him/her and create memorable memories together. Whether you opt for gaming accessories for those frenzied games with your partner, or derivative products to complete your "gaming setup couple", the important thing is to share moments of happiness and complicity. So this year, make Valentine's Day unforgettable by giving your partner a gift straight from the heart!