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We're proud to bring you a collection of official Iron Maiden products. On the menu: gaming chairs, XXL mouse pads, gaming mice, wrist rests and floor mats in the colors of your favorite albums.

This collection of Iron Maiden merchandise has been developed in close collaboration with the Iron Maiden management team... so fans of Iron Maiden, scream for me!

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Gaming chair Junior Senjustu


Gaming chair Number of the Beast


Gaming chair Killers


Iconic chair The Trooper


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Mouse pad Number of the Beast


Mouse pad Killers


XXL Mouse pad Iron maiden


Gaming mouse Piece of Mind


Floor mat The Trooper


biography IRON MAIDEN

Early years

Iron Maiden early days | Subsonic

Iron Maiden was founded in December 1975 by Steve Harris and Dave Murray at the height of the British punk scene, which was dominated by bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and The Ramones, who played at Manhattan's famous CBGBs. In its early days, Iron Maiden went through a period of instability marked by frequent line-up changes.

The band drew inspiration from the old guard of British hard rock, such as Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. In 1978, Doug Sampson (drums) and Paul Di'Anno (vocals) joined Iron Maiden, playing gigs in pubs across the UK.

In December 1978, they recorded their first demo, Soundhouse Tapes, which met with considerable success by word of mouth. The following year, Clive Burr replaced Sampson on drums and Dennis Stratton joined Dave Murray on guitar. That same year, the band signed a four-album deal with EMI.

Iron Maiden early days | Subsonic

First successes: Iron Maiden and Killers

In 1979, Iron Maiden recorded their eponymous debut album, which was an immediate success. Their live performance of ‘Running Free’ on a popular TV show reinforced their reputation. Incidentally, Steve Harris refused to allow the band to playback, a first for the TV show. The band went on to support Kiss in Europe and Judas Priest in the United States. Adrian Smith replaced Stratton, creating a stable line-up for the release of their second album, Killers in 1981, produced by a certain Martin Birch.

Subsonic paid tribute to the Killers album by releasing a mouse pad in the colors of the cover of Eddie holding a bloody axe in his hand and a black and yellow Killers gaming chair.

Iron Maiden Killers | Subsonic

Ascent with Bruce Dickinson

Iron Maiden The number of the Beast | Subsonic

Paul Di'Anno, finding it difficult to keep up with the pace of the tours because of his drug and alcohol abuse, was replaced in 1981 by Bruce Dickinson from the group Samson. With his melodic voice and wide range, Bruce Dickinson breathed new life into the band. The Number of the Beast, released in 1982, reached number one in the UK and went gold in the US. Around this time, the band came under attack from puritanical American circles, who protested against the allegedly satanist cover. The Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills and Hallowed Be Thy Name became Iron Maiden classics.

The band then embarked on their second world tour, playing 179 concerts to an audience of 1 million. At the end of the tour, Clive Burr, suffering from multiple sclerosis, had to leave the band. His successor was Nicko McBrain, a self-taught drummer and former member of the French hard rock band Trust, who had supported Iron Maiden in France. Iron Maiden thus found its most popular line-up, which remained unchanged until 1990.

This period is also highlighted by Subsonic with the mouse pad featuring the famous cover of The Number of the Beast!

Iron Maiden Powerslave | Subsonic

The Golden Age : Piece of Mind and Powerslave

Iron Maiden Piece of Mind | Subsonic

Piece of Mind (1983) marked a turning point with its polished production, complex compositions, and iconic tracks such as Flight of Icarus, The Trooper, and Revelations. The band had no room for error after the phenomenal The Number of the Beast, and it's fair to say that the contract was fulfilled with this phenomenal album, which went platinum in the United States.

Fascinated by Derek Riggs' iconic illustrations, Subsonic decided to reproduce the covers of Piece of Mind and The Trooper in a complete collection including a mouse pad, a floor mat, a gaming mouse, and the magnificent Apollon Collector The Trooper gaming chair.

In 1984, Iron Maiden continued its success with the gigantic album Powerslave, supported by the World Slavery Tour, which established the band in the rock pantheon. The album is regarded as the band's most accomplished, with tracks like Aces High, 2 Minutes to Midnight, and the 13-minute epic The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Subsonic pays tribute to this album with a mouse pad in the colors of the Powerslave cover.

Iron Maiden Powerslave | Subsonic

Innovations and new horizons: Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Iron Maiden Somewhere in time | Subsonic

One year after the legendary live album ‘Live After Death’, Iron Maiden returned with Somewhere in Time, released in 1986. In this album, the band explored electronic sounds and a futuristic atmosphere. The band was at its peak, and fans were embracing this new stylistic direction.

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988) incorporated elements of progressive rock and a timeless ambiance. The band reached a peak in popularity and found themselves headlining the Monsters Of Rock festival in Donington.

Iron Maiden 7 son of the 7 son | Subsonic

The 90s: transformations and challenges

The 90s brought significant changes. Bruce Dickinson embarked on a solo career, followed by Adrian Smith. Janick Gers joined the band. The album No Prayer for the Dying (1990) marked a stylistic shift, followed by Fear of the Dark (1992), which contained classic tracks such as ‘Afraid to Shoot Strangers’. In 1993, Dickinson left the band, replaced by Blaze Bayley, but the albums The X Factor (1995) and Virtual XI (1998) were not as successful as expected.


In 1999, Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith returned, and Iron Maiden recorded Brave New World, which was released in 2000. The album was a great success, and the tour that followed ended in apotheosis at Rock In Rio in front of 254,000 spectators.


Iron Maiden continues to innovate with Dance of Death (2003), A Matter of Life and Death (2006) and The Final Frontier (2010). 2015 saw the release of The Book of Souls, an epic album featuring the longest track in their discography, ‘Empire of the Clouds’. 

the legend

Six years will pass before the release of Iron Maiden's latest opus, Senjutsu, their seventeenth studio album.

To mark the occasion, Subsonic has developed a Senjutsu gaming chair that will delight Iron Maiden fans.